IPS offers a complete range of premium financing options.
We provide customized plans to meet your unique and individual needs.

We are now able to offer single entry with your Broker Management system.

In addition to the range of premium financing services that are available, we also offer such features as continuous financing and added endorsements. And, we do not have predetermined limits – we will quote on any policy.

To fully appreciate the extent of all our services and plans, please call our toll free number (844-IPS-CORP) and ask to speak to one of our Customer Service Representatives.

We offer various options. Call 1-844-IPS-CORP.

Once a contract has been formalized, we will issue a cheque or make a deposit directly into your bank account; in most cases within 48 hours. We make it as simple as possible for your clients to remit their payments. Either, by establishing a pre-authorized payment plan or  by providing post- dated cheques.

And there will be a day when a client cannot make the payment. This situation can become embarrassing if it is not handled correctly.  At IPS we understand this. When this does occur, we will inform you in advance, and advise you of any action that we will be taking.

We at IPS understand the need to provide you with all the expertise needed to keep the professionalism and strength of your business.

We always look for ways to improve or enhance our Company. IPS looks forward to any other fresh new ideas that would strengthen you and your company in the Canadian market place.